When I think of the province of Valencia, I think of a bridge. She got stuck in my head. Her symbolic meaning, her presence in the midst of nature, her towering architecture remained in my memory as if she were standing right in front of me.

Bridges at Millares, Valencia (Spain)

In the car we drove over a magical one Panoramic view, the view always kept me talking again.We stopped to take in the breathtaking scenery of the Sierra del Ave in the golden hour just before sunset. Finally we drove along one of the numerous serpentine roads and reached a ravine. Can we stop again? I asked Virgilio, our driver. He smiled †"the journey took much longer than expected, but our enthusiasm for the landscape was contagious.

I jumped out of the car and saw her in front of me вЂ" the bridge. In the middle of nowhere, far outside the village of Millares, she spans a gorge. As if painted the bridge looked on me. In front of me I saw oleander bushes with bright pink blossoms in the sun.In the background the canyon through which a small, silvery river winds.

Oleander bush near Millares, Valencia

I could not avert my eyes and started walking towards the bridge. The arch over me stretched in absurd perfection over the tarred road.The sun was about to disappear behind the ridge, a few last rays still threw it in my direction.

Canyon at Millares, Valencia

At the end of the bridge I crossed the street and looked back. A new perspective to marvel! It looked as if it would lead to the middle of dry, parched rocks and barren vegetation. Majestically she was enthroned over the gorge.The epitome of modern architecture in the midst of nature.

Bridge at Millares, Valencia

Later Virgilio tells me that this bridge saves the locals about an hour's drive. In former times it was necessary to cautiously drive down narrow streets into a gorge and up again the opposite mountain. Today the bridge connects the villages Dos Aguas and Millares without complicated detours. Such projects are possible through EU funds, which are invested in rural areas, for example in the infrastructure.So the EU can do that too: build bridges between people.

For tourism is also beneficial. In Millares there is a small hostel. The place is the starting point for beautiful walks in the middle of the mountains. Almost wistfully I looked out the window as we drove through the small town. I would like to get out of the car to spend more time in this breathtaking area that has mesmerized me.

If you ask me what I liked the most in the province of Valencia , the answer is not difficult for me.It is a bridge.

Bridge at Millares, Valencia

This experience was part of a blogger trip organized by Spain Tourism and the Province of Valencia.