For four days I traveled through the interior of eastern Spain to explore the province of Valencia. I was able to visit many beautiful places. I have summarized the ten most beautiful photo motifs in Valencia in this article for you! I'll tell you more about the different stages of my journey, including tips for exciting walking routes.

1.Sierra del Ave

Sierra del Ave Viewpoint, Valencia Province

Over the Panoramic Road CV580 between Buñol and Bicorp will take you to Sierra del Ave. Again and again there are bays and viewpoints on the roadside, because the view is beautiful there! Especially at the golden hour just before sunset you will find breathtaking photo opportunities there. From my favorite stopover at a bridge between Dos Aguas and Millares I already told you.The scenic route leads you there and is an absolute must if you are looking for beautiful photo opportunities in the province of Valencia.

Sierra del Ave, Valencia Province

secondCueva Turche

Curva Turche in the region of Bunol in the province of Valencia, natural bathing place and waterfall

This natural atrium is surrounded by high rocks from three sides. Partly there are hidden caves in the rock where water collects. That's why there is a 64-meter-high waterfall after heavy rainfall! Unfortunately, I could not see this, but even without a waterfall is this bathing and picnic area beautiful. The water is turquoise blue and there are plenty of seating around the small lake.If you look closely, you can see a couple sitting on the rock in the photo - there are lots of great photo opportunities here!

3. La Rambla de Arquela

La Rambla Arquela, observation of griffon vultures and natural cave house, Valencia

At this place You can watch vulture vulture with a good telephoto lens or binoculars. A colony lives high up in the steep cliffs and circles over the mountain plateau. A great sight! Besides, you can see on the right bottom of the picture a natural cool house. There are about 300 of them in the province of Valencia, built in the 17th century.In some of these natural "refrigerators" ice cream was made even until the end of the 19th century. The best way is to book the trip with Virgilio from actiobirding, who is a great guide and can tell a lot about the region, history, nature and wildlife. Anyone who is interested in rare bird species, is in perfect hands with him, because he knows his way around perfectly. Whether you want to see the loveliest photo hotspots, watch rare birds or visit the best wineries - he's the right person to talk to! The site is in Spanish but Virgilio speaks English.

4.Chelva Old Town

Old Town of Chelva in Valencia Province

The old town of Chelva is divided into four different quarters, where former residents live different religions were at home. Anyone interested in the exciting history of this place should definitely book a guided tour. A long walk on your own is also worthwhile. The old town offers many beautiful photo opportunities. The blue that you see in the photo above, you will find everywhere. It is called "Azulete" and is a mixture of lime and cobalt.It has a disinfecting effect, besides the mixture absorbs light. At bright white houses, in fact, the wall reflects the glaring sun - it dazzles and the heat builds up in the narrow streets. Blue walls are much more pleasant! Not only is it beautiful, it also has a useful component.

5. Charco de la Tosca

Charco de la Tosca bathing place in the province of Valencia

This natural pool of emerald-green water is breathtakingly beautiful ¶n. A small waterfall brings cool water from the stream.The Charco de la Tosca is deep enough to bathe in, but offers good access to shore. I was not warm enough to swim, but definitely worth a visit. There is a hiking trail that passes right there. Nearby is also a picnic area - but I would rather take a break at the Charco overlooking the beautiful scenery or you can visit the campsite Agroturismo Los Botijos in Bicorp. From there you can walk to the Charco in about 20 - 30 minutes!

6.Aqueduct Peña Cortada

Aqueduct Pena Cortada in the Valencia Province, Spain

Definitely one of my highlights in Valencia! The aqueduct Peña Cortada is really impressive. At the highest point it is 33 meters high and leads over a river bed of Rio TuГ © jar. It looks very narrow in the photo, but in reality it is over two meters wide. You can easily walk around on it, even if it is not secured on the sides. For people with high-altitude anxiety, it's nothing! At wind I would not enter it.The path behind the aqueduct is also breathtaking: a tunnel was hewn directly into the rock. You can walk it along and enjoy incredible views. Bring at least an hour to your visit!

7. Viewpoint Pico del Remedio

Viewpoint Pico del Remedio in the Valencian Community, photo opportunity in Spain

Not far from the aqua Pena Cortada is a mountain whose summit is easily reached by car. Although it goes up steep, winding serpentines, but worth the drive.From the Pico del Remedio you have a great view over the landscape. On a clear day you can even see the sea! On the mountain there is a guardhouse next to a small observation tower. In it, a person must look out for forest fires, because every year throughout Spain huge fires destroy many acres of nature. For example, the fires can be triggered by discarded cigarette butts, or broken glass becomes a jar ... Therefore, always take your waste in nature with you.

8.Puebla de San Miguel Natural Park

Puebla de San Miguel Natural Park with old juniper trees in the province of Valencia, photo opportunity old trees in Spain

In Puebla de San Miguel Natural Park you can find big juniper trees, some of which are more than 1500 years old! Even eagles and snakes live there. Those who are especially lucky can also spot mammals such as badgers, wild boars, stone martens or wild cats. In the Nature Park Center just outside the village of Puebla de San Miguel there is information on hiking trails.If you announce the visit in advance, a guide accompanies you for free in the nature park. Most speak only Spanish, so it's best to ask in advance by phone.

9. Waterfall on the Bohilgues River

Waterfall on the Bohilgues River, Valencia Province in Spain

A beautiful trail leads along a river to several Wasserfällen. The first waterfall (which you can see on the photo) can be reached in 20 minutes, with almost no height meters to cover. The hike is easy, but worth it.Along the river you can already find many beautiful photo opportunities.

10. Charco Los Moleros on the Cazuma River

Hike to natural bathing areas on the Cazuma River, Charco Los Morteros near Quesa

A varied one Walking route leads along the famous caves along the Cazuma River. As soon as you reach the riverbed, one natural pool follows the next. The hike is beautiful and undisturbed. We did not meet other tourists there.I will tell you more details about this route!

All the places that I propose you as photo motifs in Valencia, you can easily find on Google Maps. Since most of them do not provide any more precise directions than a postcode, unfortunately I can not provide you with any specific address details. With the above names you will find the places but quite sure! In any case, the province of Valencia has surprised and amazed me.

My research for the Valencia photo opportunities took place during a blogger trip organized by Spain Tourism and the Province of Valencia was.