A few months ago a new stove was allowed to enter my kitchen , So far, I've been cooking on an old-school shared stove that was bought on ebay eight years ago and since then, well, let's say, it has not always been treated with such care. But gradually, our kitchen is being renovated and old parts replaced - a sensible worktop, a large A +++ refrigerator and a Shabby Style dining table have bought the best and I for the kitchen last year. And now comes the cream cake for me as a food blogger: finally, we have a new stove!

I have the plus steam oven with induction field of AEG * for testing made available and have used it intensively ever since.You can find my detailed review here:

AEG Plus Steam Oven

The AEG Plus Steam Oven

Because it had to be integrated into my kitchen line, it is a built-in oven. The exact model is BP301352WM and is a plus steam oven. Are you saying that? I also had to googling what exactly it is all about - with this function, steam is generated in the oven, so that bread is particularly crispy! Baguette, for example, gets a wonderful crust.You will soon get a delicious bread recipe, where I will go into this function in more detail.

The model also has a pyrolysis function - quote AEG:

"The PyroluxeВ®Plus self-cleaning system allows the residues in the oven interior to crumble to ash under heat. A simple wipe with a damp cloth sufficed. "

Wow. My mother looked very jealous when I told her enthusiastically about this function! Doesn't her new hearth actually have any dirt that simply crumbles into dust. You Got Me! Scrubbing your oven for hours is not my cup of tea, as it was easy to spot by the old stove. I also tested the function directly when something leaked in the oven from a leaky cake pan.After pyrolysis and cooling, everything can be removed well!

The display does not only indicate the temperature and whether the oven is sufficiently preheated, but also the baking time. For example, you can set when the oven should switch on or off. Various temperatures are proposed on the display for certain foods. These recommendations are also on the inside of the oven door. Speaking of oven door - this remains amazingly cool thanks to "IsoFront" function. Our kitchen is small and cramped, as one sometimes comes inadvertently to the oven door - after two hours baking the door of my old oven was not really cool anymore. The longest baking time I have had was 1.5 hours and I did not find the door of the new AEG stove hot.So the function does it's job!

The device is energy efficient (if you like to dry your own fruit, bake cookies for hours or something like that, why an A + oven is important to me) and have one intelligent hot air system that allows the air in the stove to circulate well. So everything becomes uniformly brown and not the last row of cookies black, while the front ones are still soft ... В The baking tray (MaxiTray) is also especially wide - according to AEG 20% bigger than others. I think that's pretty handy! Above all, I was astonished because the cooker is just as wide as my age. Now you can easily put four breakfast pizzas in the oven at once!

The oven can be connected to a normal power outlet, it does not require a power connection. The recommended retail price is 1,429 euros, at Amazon, it is currently around 654 euros including free delivery.Quite an acceptable price for a good oven!

The induction hob

The induction field is self-sufficient, which means it is not operated via the knobs on the oven but via a touch Box on the bottom right of the plate. The model is HK634250XB, a 60 cm (standard) width glass-ceramic panel, four induction panels and Stop & Go function - AEG writes: "For short breaks in the cooking process. A push-button can be used to keep warm. With another press of the button, the originally selected level is set again. "I tried it when it rang the bell and I just had something seared - very handy!

I used to be a very old-fashioned one Hotplate model that used to take about 10 minutes to heat a pot of water. With induction you cook about as fast as with gas - it reacts immediately! One liter of water is heated faster in the pot on the induction field than in the kettle.There is the power function, which can be used, for example, to bring water to a boil. I like to use this feature often.

AEG Induction Cooktop

Great, I also think that the induction field only the pot itself is heated, so if you put too small a pot on the surface, it does not matter. Only the bottom of the pot is heated, the area around the pot stays cool. So nothing burns around the pot. Besides, after cooking the field cools down extremely fast.Although it indicates that there is still residual heat but after a few minutes is also gone.

The touch operation works well for me. It is quite a change from old rotary switches to touch - you have to keep the up/down arrow pressed until you reach the desired level.It takes longer than turning a switch - but the hob reacts so fast that it really does not matter if it takes five seconds more to set a temperature рџ ‰

 Fried chanterelles

In the automatic warm-up function, the hob goes to full throttle and then regulates down a certain time. Practically for example for rice-cooking or water for homemade pasta.For both, I do not want bubbly boiling water.

Of course, the hob also has a dozen other features like timer and parental control. It immediately detects if the pot or pan is suitable for induction - when I put my espresso maker on the first day, he immediately displayed an error. Aluminum does not work properly on induction, so you can not inadvertently accidentally melt old pots.

On the subject of old pots: you may need new, induction-capable ones Put out pots, pans and trifles like espresso pots if yours are not magnetic. This can definitely be a cost factor, which should be considered. Induction heads are usually more expensive than traditional cookware.In addition, you need a power connection and should therefore have the hob connected by an electrician.

The induction hob has a recommended retail price of 1004.90 euros, on Amazon it is available for 301.98 euros.This is hardly more than a new ceramic hob and thus in my opinion worth switching to induction.

Induction-grade espresso maker - an extra investment in induction!


AEG Plus Steam Oven

The stove makes a very noble and high-quality impression from the outside. In some places it magically attracts dust (for example, at the top of the wide door handle and on the top of the door). That was not the case with my old stove, but it does not really bother me either. He is in constant use anyway, which is why the dust does not accumulate there permanently.From the inside, the stove makes just as high-quality an impression as from the outside.

In the center, I have attached the included extract, so that you can pull out a sheet without it falling down. This is a handy feature, especially if there is something that you might want to brush in between, that's great. Otherwise I had to hold the (hot) sheet with one hand and brush with the other.

 AEG Plus Steam Oven

By the way, in the bottom of the oven there is a hollow in which you can fill water for the Plus Steam function.Even if you do not use it, visually it does not bother. The viewing window of the door takes up almost the entire width, it looks both from the outside and the inside chic and can be easily cleaned in case something drips. With my old oven, it was difficult to clean the door and frame, but the AEG Plus Steam makes it much easier.


After several months of testing, I am with my oven and the Induction hob more than satisfied. It is a huge improvement on my previous cooking situation - though it was quite a change, but I'm glad to cook with induction now.Both AEG products work on me even after prolonged use very high quality and chic, they fit well in my kitchen and have so far no quirks that would bother me.

I've heard of acquaintances and family If some induction hobs do not respond well to cold, wet or greasy fingertips, I can not confirm that with the AEG box. Everything works great for me. Therefore, there is definitely a clear buy recommendation from my side!

* Cooperation with AEG: Stove and induction field were provided to me for testing. A payment for this contribution was not made, my opinion remains untouched by the cooperation and is my own!